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How to Access Windows 10 Remotely

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The Windows 10 Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) app uses the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to enable users to access network-attached servers and their connected peripherals such as printers or scanners.

With Windows remote access, users can use an RDP session to connect to physically distant desktops and run apps as if they were sitting in front of the machines. You use all the functionality of the remote machine and open a file, folder, or copy and paste to the clipboard while you perform work on the connected computer.

Setting up Windows 10 Remote Desktop access

The following steps will enable you to perform the necessary configuration to remotely connect your Windows 10 laptop or desktop to another computer.

  • • Click the search bar on the Windows taskbar.
  • • Type Remote Desktop to display the search results.
  • • Start the app by clicking on the Remote Desktop Connection selection. You can also initiate an RDP session by executing the MSTSC.exe command from the Windows Run app.
  • • Enter either the name of the remote computer you will attempt to access or its IP address in the Remote Desktop Connection window.
  • • Click the Connect button to establish the connection.

    The Remote Desktop Connection app.
  • • You will be asked to provide the appropriate credentials to enable the remote access software in Windows 10.
  • • When prompted, enter the username and password that will be used on the remote machine and then click the OK button.
  • • You may get a message indicating that you are experiencing authentication problems due to issues with the security certificate. You can bypass this warning by clicking Yes to continue with the connection.

    Problems with the security certificate.
  • • Once the connection is fully established, you can treat the remote machine just as if you had physical access to it.
  • • When you are done with the connection, you should end it by clicking the x on the top of the RDC window.
  • • Click the OK button to disconnect from the remote computer.

If you run into problems and cannot get Windows 10 Remote Desktop over the Internet to connect to a remote machine, it may be the result of several issues.

  • • The remote machine may not be currently connected to the network.
  • • The computer you wish to connect to might be turned off.
  • • Remote connections may be disabled on the target machine.

Enabling remote connectivity to a Windows 10 computer

Windows 10 does not allow remote connectivity to your machine by default. This feature needs to be enabled on the computer if you wish to make it available to other users on the network. Follow the steps below to enable remote access on your Windows 10 computer.

  • • Open the search bar by clicking it on the Windows taskbar.
  • • Type the term Remote Desktop to display the results of your search.
  • • Click the Allow Remote Access to Your Computer button which will display the System Properties window.
  • • Navigate to the Remote tab and then to the Remote Desktop section.
  • • Check the box next to the Allow Remote Connections to This Computer option.
  • • Click the OK button.
How to enable remote connections to your Windows 10 machine.