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Free Alternative to AnyDesk

Transition to HelpWire, a seamless alternative to AnyDesk, and equip yourself with core functionalities for a fast, professional remote support experience to Mac and PC users.
  • Simple-to-use
  • Great for businesses of any scale
  • No hidden charges
Ultimate Free AnyDesk Alternative

HelpWire vs AnyDesk: Comparison at a Glance

Dive deep into a detailed comparison between HelpWire and AnyDesk features and pricing plans.
Free Solo Standard Advanced
Price per Month
Price per Month Free for personal and business use Free for personal use only $14.90 $29.90 $79.90
Session Amount at a Time
Session Amount at a Time 1 session with multiple concurrent connections to remote workstations of the same client 1 1 1 session, with the option to purchase up to 20 concurrent connections 2 sessions with the option to purchase up to 50 concurrent connections
Multi-Platform support
Multi-Platform support Available on Windows and Mac Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux, ChromeOS, and Android iOS, Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, and ChromeOS Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, ChromeOS, and Linux Windows, Android, Mac, ChromeOS, Linux, and iOS
Chat and Collaboration
Chat and Collaboration Chat Chat and Whiteboard Сhat and Whiteboard Сhat and Whiteboard Сhat and Whiteboard
Operator Seats
Operator Seats 1 1 1 20 100
Multi-Monitor View
Multi-Monitor View
File Transfer
File Transfer
Strong Security
Strong Security
Session Recording
Session Recording
Unattended Access
Unattended Access Up to 3 managed devices Up to 100 managed devices Up to 500 managed devices Up to 1000 managed devices
Brand Customization
Brand Customization

HelpWire Features

Highlighting few essential features to consider when comparing HelpWire to AnyDesk.

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Integrated Chat

Integrated Chat

With HelpWire’s embedded customer support chat, tech operators can engage with clients in real-time, ensuring clarity and precision concerning the challenges being addressed.
Quick Session Start

Simple Session Start

HelpWire allows to initiate remote support sessions by sharing an intuitive remote connection URL with a client, eliminating the need to deal with session IDs and passwords.
File Exchange

File Transfer

Send files from the operator’s system to the remote desktop window by simply copying and pasting them.
Client Management

Client Management

Streamline your remote client management by creating detailed client profiles, viewing critical device information, and annotating remote support sessions, all directly from your web account.
Multi-Monitor View

Multi-Monitor View

Visualize dual remote screens concurrently or transition amongst multiple displays while troubleshooting issues remotely.

Remote Support for Diverse Scenarios

IT Support

IT Support

Supercharge your IT support crew's throughput with HelpWire, a free remote support for freelancers, ensuring rapid and efficient remote aid for users grappling with system nuances or software installation.
Small to Medium Businesses

Small and Medium Businesses

HelpWire, your go-to AnyDesk alternative for remote IT support for small businesses, not only curtails operational expenditure but also bolsters your client support team's efficiency with its intuitive remote desktop toolkit.
Help Desk

Help Desks

HelpWire serves as a secure remote desktop for SysAdmins, improving support operations and raising the quality of support services with its powerful control features.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)