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On-Demand Remote Support for Manufacturing

HelpWire delivers a secure, intuitive, and complimentary remote support solution to manufacturing companies, promoting cost optimization and rapid problem resolution.

Simple remote support service

Streamlined Remote Support

HelpWire provides IT support teams with a user-friendly remote support tool, bolstered by an intuitive interface. This ensures timely assistance for remote clients.

Remote desktop tool for Mac and Windows

Cross-Platform Connectivity

For organizations within the manufacturing and industrial domains, HelpWire’s cross-platform functionality guarantees smooth remote connections on both Windows and macOS machines.

No-Cost Solution for All Uses

HelpWire offers a suite of essential features suitable for manufacturing IT support teams without added expenses.

Free manufactoring remote support solution

HelpWire’s Advanced Features

With optimized remote desktops, fortified security, and consistent connectivity, HelpWire emerges as a top pick on-demand remote support software for various industries

Initiate a remote support session

Establish Connections Effortlessly

Set up remote sessions effortlessly without juggling IDs and passwords, thanks to HelpWire's dynamically generated, unique client apps.

Built-in chat for remote support

Real-Time Chat

HelpWire’s support chat functionality ensures direct client interactions, expediting problem resolutions and boosting customer satisfaction.

File transfer to boost remote support

Effortless File Transfer

Files can easily be transferred from a local machine to a remote desktop by copying and pasting the items.

Easy client management for remote support

Efficient Client Management

HelpWire's client management features enhance customer service efficiency. Organize the client list for streamlined reference and annotate issues directly from your browser.

Multiple workstations

Manage Multiple Workstations

Multiple remote workstation support lets a technician easily switch between several of a remote client’s desktops in a single session.

Remote desktop tool with multi-monitor support

Multi-Monitor View

Visualize content from two client workstations concurrently to optimize customer support.

Robust Security

Committed to the safety of the industrial and manufacturing sectors, you might wonder, "Is HelpWire safe?" The answer is yes. HelpWire offers a suite of tools designed to protect your essential data and maintain secure client communications, ensuring a safe and reliable service.

Robust end-to-end encryption

End-to-End Encryption

HelpWire leverages robust, industry-standard SSL/TLS encryption, safeguarding data transfers between support technicians and remote client sessions.

Firewall friendly remote desktop

Firewall-Friendly Solution

Secure remote connections can be established without making any client firewall connections to simplify support and increase session security.

Client’s permission is required

Consent-Based Remote Access

Technicians need to obtain client consent before establishing a remote support connection for added security.

HelpWire implements Auth0 authentication service

Trusted Session Authentication

HelpWire employs Auth0, a trusted user authentication service, to ensure all logins are secure and initiated by authorized users.