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On-Demand Remote Support with HelpWire

HelpWire is your go-to on-demand remote support software. It offers a streamlined and efficient solution for troubleshooting and resolving technical issues from any location.

Advanced HelpWire On-demand Remote Access Capabilities

Simple and Fast Remote Control

Simple and Fast Remote Control

Establish seamless connections to client’s workstations with a uniquely generated link for each client.
Admin Privileges

Permission-Based Access

Operators must obtain client confirmation before accessing their workstations, ensuring client security and confidence.
Cross-Platform Remote Control

Cross-Platform Remote Control

Connect from Windows to macOS and vice versa with HelpWire and perform on-demand remote support on any platform.
Control Multiple Workstations

Control Multiple Workstations

Establish concurrent connections to multiple remote workstations of a single client to perform the necessary assistance on all of their computers.
Workstation Details

Workstation Details

View the name, type, and operating system version of remote workstations for more personalized on-demand remote support.

Revoke Access

Remote clients can use the global keyboard shortcut or the special button in their application window to revoke the Operator's remote access at any time.
Intuitive File Sharing

File Transfer

Exchange files with your client by copying and pasting them into the HelpWire remote control window.

Secure On-Demand Remote Support

Updated on Nov 1, 2023
by the HelpWire Team

Trusted Authentication Mechanism

HelpWire protects login credentials by employing Auth0, a trusted user authentication service.

End-to-End Encryption

End-to-end industry-standard SSL/TLS encryption is used to protect all data transfers to ensure the privacy and security of your information.

Secure Data Centers

HelpWire’s cloud infrastructure is built on AWS secure cloud services for enhanced security. Many large organizations such as NASA and Netflix also use the AWS infrastructure.


Security is maintained by eliminating any requirements to open additional firewall ports or make configuration changes when establishing a remote connection to a client’s workstation.

On-Demand Remote Support Software for Every Role, Need and Industry

IT Support

Remote Tech Support Services

HelpWire is your go-to solution for delivering effective on-demand or ad-hoc remote support to customers facing software installation or system configuration issues.
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Help & Service Desks

Freelance IT Experts

Deliver hands-on remote assistance to your clients, no matter where you are located.
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Implement an intuitive remote support solution to ensure the efficient operation of the digital tools used by educators and students.
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