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Free Remote Support Software for SMBs

HelpWire is an on-demand remote support service designed for small businesses. It ensures a smoothly operating IT environment through fast and secure remote connections to both Windows and Mac systems.

Free remote support solution

A Cost-Effective Solution

Our free remote SMB tech support software allows your business to effectively balance tool costs with the services provided. This budget-friendly approach empowers you to allocate resources in ways that foster company growth and meet customer needs.

Simple remote support service

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use

HelpWire offers a straightforward solution for SMB customer support. With an intuitive interface, you can be productive right away, quickly initiating support for customers and facilitating remote sessions to streamline problem resolution.

HelpWire’s Advanced Features

HelpWire offers a comprehensive feature set that simplifies IT support for small businesses. Highlights include fast and reliable connectivity, optimized remote desktop performance, and robust security measures, making HelpWire the go-to remote support software for small businesses.

Multiple workstations

Multiple Workstations Control

HelpWire allows a single client to connect to and control multiple desktops concurrently, enabling easy switching between the connected desktops for enhanced productivity.

Initiate a remote support session

Effortless Session Initiation

Remote sessions are initiated using dynamically generated, unique client apps. This method eliminates the need for managing session IDs and passwords.

File transfer to boost remote support

Convenient File Transfer

Effortlessly transfer files by copying and pasting them from the technician’s computer to the remote session window.

Multiple workstations

Multi-Monitor View

Users can view two displays from a remote workstation simultaneously or switch between multiple monitors when providing support.

Built-in chat for remote support

Real-Time Chat

HelpWire offers real-time support chat functionality, enabling SMB support teams to interact easily with clients. This direct communication provides additional insight into issues, facilitating more effective resolutions.

Easy client management for remote support

Client Management

Efficient client management tools make it easy to keep track of your clients. Add notes about a specific client or issue directly from your browser to enhance your support team’s effectiveness.

Robust Security

HelpWire security features safeguard the integrity of an SMB's IT environment without compromising performance or usability.

HelpWire implements Auth0 authentication service

Trusted Authentication Mechanism

HelpWire uses the trusted user authentication service Auth0 to authorize users and protect login credentials securely.

Robust end-to-end encryption

End-to-End Encryption

Data transfers are protected with end-to-end SSL/TLS encryption, an industry standard that ensures the privacy and security of all data in transit.

Secure Data Centers

Secure Data Centers

Built on AWS services, HelpWire’s cloud infrastructure guarantees robust security. AWS is a trusted cloud service provider used by organizations like Netflix, Disney, and NASA.

Firewall friendly remote desktop


Remote connections can be established without requiring configuration changes or additional port openings on the client’s firewall, thus maintaining a high level of network security.