Remote support software for USB and COM-based equipment

Remote diagnostics and maintenance capabilities can enhance your business’s efficiency and productivity.
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Customized remote access support software

HelpWire provides a remote support software solution that can be customized to fit the specific needs of your business. Our team offers the customization options necessary to make this application one of the best remote support software tools available.
Custom software for remote technical support

Global connectivity

HelpWire allows to connect to servers remotely to perform maintenance or installation tasks without the need to physically visit the equipment. The technical staff can access the endpoints from anywhere.

Ease of use

There are no complex hardware or software deployment requirements with HelpWire. Its simple interface lets you share and access devices from any hardware vendor with a few clicks.

Competitive advantage

This remote support software for the Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems provides enhanced customer support which will result in your business having an edge over market rivals.

HelpWire lets teams address customer requests rapidly

HelpWire is the remote access support software that streamlines the process of supporting customers whether they are running the iOS, macOS, Linux, or Windows operating systems. The following comparison of remote support software and traditional methods illustrates HelpWire’s capabilities.
Traditional support methods:
  • Loss of productivity as specialists are required to travel to diverse locations;
  • Support is more costly with teams required to visit equipment for simple installation tasks;
  • Devices may need to be transported for service;
  • Support may be hindered to endpoints based on their geographic location.
Remote support with HelpWire:
  • Increased customer satisfaction is driven by accessing their servers or desktops quickly and efficiently to resolve problems;
  • Global remote support software for Mac, Windows, and Linux machines;
  • Equipment never needs to be transported;
  • Cost savings by eliminating travel by technical support specialists.

Key features of HelpWire

HelpWire remote access support software’s features give a support team some substantial benefits including the following.

Secure connectivity

Advanced encryption techniques are used to ensure that all data transfers using HelpWire are kept secure.

Multi-platform support

HelpWire supports equipment from all vendors and is compatible with Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android systems.
Live Chat

Live Chat

HelpWire Chat lets you contact customers immediately to help resolve problems and improve customer satisfaction.
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HelpWire is the best remote support software

This remote support software lets you use any network or LAN to access customer equipment to address and resolve issues. Take a look at how a HelpWire support session is conducted.

Client share the device

A customer connects a piece of equipment that needs to be serviced to a computer running HelpWire and shares the device over the network.

Remote operator connects

A support specialist connects to the device and obtains full access to the peripheral.

Remote troubleshooting

The specialist identifies the problem and resolves it remotely. When work is completed, the connection terminates automatically.

HelpWire Technology

Electronic Team develops innovative network connectivity solutions. Two of our specialties are serial port virtualization and USB technology. Our remote support software is compatible with a wide range of devices that includes:

Supported devices

External storage devices
Wi-Fi and Bluetooth adapters
Game controllers
Digital cameras and video recorders
Audio and video devices
Smart card readers
Personal healthcare and diagnostic devices
USB security keys
Virtually any other type of USB device

Supported platforms




Embedded systems



Implementing HelpWire in your environment

Two stages are involved in a HelpWire deployment. After the development of a customized software solution, customers use the tool based on a monthly subscription plan.


Once the application is developed, a free trial is available for one month. After that, a monthly maintenance and support subscription plan is offered to our customers.
Custom development

Custom development

Customers pay a one-time fee that covers developing the remote support software solution that addresses your unique business requirements.


HelpWire can be customized with white labeling to include your company logo and branding. The tool’s GUI can be modified to conform with other software products.
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