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Remote Support Made Simpler

HelpWire is a remote desktop service that empowers businesses with remote control tools for on-demand support of Windows and macOS devices. Helping you deliver lightning-fast remote support, HelpWire saves your and your client’s time and money by eliminating expensive on-site visits.
No hidden costs—full access
Fast Technology
Smooth remote desktop experience
Robust security features

Swift Setup Process

HelpWire lets you quickly initiate and establish remote support sessions with your clients without a lengthy setup process or digging into the settings much.
Essential remote control tools in streamlined interface Easy remote session initiation without IDs and passwords Remote assistance without configuring VPN or firewall

Key Remote Control Tools at Hand

HelpWire is equipped with all remote control essentials for a top-notch customer support experience anytime anywhere.
Message clients instantly in a convenient built-in support chat Send files directly to a remote computer View multiple monitors on a single screen

Remote Support Boosts Your Business

Thanks to its scalability and flexibility HelpWire allows you to cover larger clientele at farther distances while providing the same level of tech support.
Manage clients from dedicated web accounts Connect to multiple remote computers of a single client Invite additiona teammates

Cross-platform Remote Desktop

Anytime-anywhere access to various workstations via the native operator's control app. Currently, for Windows and macOS with more platforms to come.

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Support remote Windows computers with HelpWire
Support remote Mac computers with HelpWire
HelpWire for Linux coming soon
HelpWire for iOS coming soon
HelpWire for Android coming soon

HelpWire vs. Others

Discover whether HelpWire aligns with your needs by comparing it to leading remote desktop solutions for customer support.
Compare HelpWire TeamViewer LogMeIn Rescue
Access all features for free
YesAccess all features for free No No
Uncomplicated connection to remote desktops
YesUncomplicated connection to remote desktops No No
Unlimited computers to connect from
YesUnlimited computers to connect from No Yes
Unlimited computers to connect to
YesUnlimited computers to connect to No Yes
Unattended remote access
NoUnattended remote access Yes Yes
Mobile remote access
NoSupport for Android and iOS devices. Paid addon Paid addon
The comparison table is intended for general review and should not be considered authorized information from the respective competitors.