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March 26, 2024
“Overall, though, I think this is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to service a computer on the fly. It has the basics, it's remarkably easy to use on both sides of the session, and performance was on par with the competition.”
January 22, 2024
“HelpWire's built-in chat feature significantly enhances the effectiveness of remote support sessions, leading to quicker resolution times.”


December 20, 2023
“By integrating tools like HelpWire . . . organizations can offer effective support to their remote workforce, ensuring the swift resolution of both Mac and PC issues.”
December 2, 2023
“HelpWire, a free remote desktop application, is ideal for small-to-medium businesses, help desk teams, managed service providers, IT consultants, and individual users.”
November 29, 2023
“HelpWire is designed with security and simplicity in mind, offering a streamlined remote support tool that enhances team productivity.”
November 23, 2023
“HelpWire provides users with an extensive feature set specifically designed for small businesses, ensuring all the tools for effective remote IT support are readily accessible.”
November 6, 2023
“HelpWire . . . offers an essential set of features, enabling a technical support team to effectively address customer issues.”
January 3, 2023
“As opposed to other on-demand remote support software, users get full access to all features without additional costs.’

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