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Instant Communication via Support Chat

HelpWire offers a secure communication channel to exchange messages with the clients receiving your help. Use the chat as a supplementary tool to guide your client through the troubleshooting and communicate the ongoing process to them in real time.
HelpWire Support Chat features

Additional capabilities

HelpWire timeline with support chat history

Chat History

Valuable information from your earlier interactions with clients is saved and easily accessible in the chat history.
HelpWire support chat synchronized across multiple client's workstations

Chat Sync

Your clients can connect multiple computers to the same support session, the chat history is synchronized across all of their devices.
Parallel chats with several clients in HelpWire

Parallel Chats

Minimize wait times by opening multiple parallel chats with several clients at a time.
Real-time communication in HelpWire support chat

Immediate Messaging

Quickly reach out to your clients by selecting the required client chat from the easily accessible web account.
Service and system messages in a convenient HelpWire timeline window

Instant Session Notifications

Stay updated on the key happenings in a remote session thanks to chat notifications integration with system messages.