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Secure Remote Support Software for Healthcare

HelpWire offers a remote support solution, facilitating the maintenance of medical devices and assisting healthcare professionals with software setups and problem-solving.

Free remote support solution for healthcare

Intuitive and Easy-to-Use

Initiating sessions is straightforward, and our intuitive interface minimizes the time needed to access remote devices and start the support process. Medical personnel don't require specialized training to utilize HelpWire.

Remote desktop service for Mac and Windows

Cost-Effective Solution

Leverage our complimentary remote technical support software, allowing healthcare organizations to efficiently allocate resources for enhanced patient care.

HelpWire’s Advanced Features for Healthcare IT Support

HelpWire equips users with pivotal features that ensure quick, stable connections, safe data transmission, and optimal remote desktop performance.

Control multiple workstations to enhance remote support

Control Multiple Workstations

Enhance problem-solving by granting technicians access to various desktops of a single user simultaneously.

Initiate a quick remote support session

Quick Session Initiation

HelpWire streamlines remote connections by initiating them via unique client links, negating the need to use confusing session IDs or passwords.

Remote support service with multi-monitor view

Multi-Monitor View

HelpWire empowers tech support in healthcare to transition between multiple remote screens or display two concurrently, optimizing problem resolution.

File transfer to enhance remote support

File Transfer

Benefit from a simple copy-and-paste mechanism in HelpWire that offers an uninterrupted method for transferring local files to remote desktops.

Built-in chat for remote tech support

Support Chat

With built-in support chat features, HelpWire fosters immediate dialogue between tech support and the healthcare experts they assist.

Easy client management for healthcare

Client Management

HelpWire offers intuitive client management tools to track supported clients, manage remote connections, and add notes for each client directly from browsers.

Robust Security

In healthcare, safeguarding patient data is paramount. HelpWire security enforces rigorous protocols to ensure secure remote connections, maintaining the highest level of data protection.

HelpWire implements two-factor authentication

Two-factor Authentication

HelpWire incorporates two-factor authentication, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access your workstation.

Robust end-to-end encryption

End-to-End Encryption

Your data transfer remains confidential, protected by TLS/SSL with robust end-to-end AES-256-bit encryption over secure HTTPS and WSS channels.

Modify firewall configurations

Firewall Compliance

Skip modifying client-side firewall configurations while securely connecting to support healthcare teams.

Secure cloud infrastructure

Secure Data Centers

HelpWire stores data in a secure cloud infrastructure provided by the industry leader AWS trusted by numerous global enterprises and government agencies.