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Remote Desktop Service SysAdmins

HelpWire empowers system administrators with the ability to remotely access desktops, apply updates, install software, troubleshoot, and execute various administrative tasks.

Simple remote support service

Intuitive and Streamlined Remote Support

HelpWire boasts an easy-to-navigate interface, granting system administrators effortless remote access to employees' computers for software installation and troubleshooting tasks.

Remote desktop tool for Mac and Windows

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Given that sysadmins often need to connect to workstations with diverse operating systems, HelpWire ensures seamless integration between macOS and Windows devices.

Cost-Efficient Tool

HelpWire provides a robust suite of tools to boost your remote support capabilities free of charge, leading to significant budgetary savings.

Free remote support solution

HelpWire’s Highlight Features

As an advanced remote desktop administration tool, HelpWire presents an array of features crucial for the effective execution of remote system administrative tasks.

Control multiple workstations to enhance sys admins support

Multi-Workstation Control

Establish simultaneous remote connections to multiple workstations of a single client and toggle between them effortlessly for heightened efficiency.

Remote desktop tool with multi-monitor support

Multi-Monitor Support

Facilitate side-by-side views of two remote screens or alternate between multiple remote monitor displays for a comprehensive remote session.

Easy client management for remote support

Client Management

HelpWire's remote administration software streamlines client management and tracking, letting you annotate client issues directly within the browser.

Initiate a remote support session

Simple Session Initiation

HelpWire employs uniquely generated client apps for each remote session, circumventing the need to juggle session IDs and passwords.

Built-in chat for remote support

Instant Messaging

HelpWire's built-in support chat feature facilitates swift and straightforward communication between sysadmins and clients, obviating the need for lengthy emails or frequent phone calls.

File transfer to boost remote support

File Transfer

HelpWire is a remote administration tool that streamlines technical assistance by enabling administrators to effortlessly copy and paste files directly to the remote desktop window.

Strong Security

HelpWire security prioritizes safeguarding the remote desktop environment through dependable authentication, AWS-based infrastructure, and top-tier encryption protocols

HelpWire implements Auth0 authentication service

Secure Authentication

HelpWire safeguards your data with the Auth0 integrated authentication system, a platform trusted by giants like Microsoft, AWS, and many more.

Robust end-to-end encryption

End-to-End Encryption

Access remote desktops securely using connection protocols such as HTTPS and WSS, bolstered by TLS/SSL and the advanced AES-256 encryption methodology.

Secure cloud infrastructure

Dependable Data Hosting

Rest assured, your data and client information reside securely within HelpWire’s AWS cloud infrastructure, a platform also favored by industry leaders like Samsung, Philips, Disney, Netflix, and NASA.

Client’s permission is required title

Сonsent-Based Access

HelpWire ensures you can only access a client's remote workstation with their explicit consent.