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Our Story

Story and people behind HelpWire

Today, HelpWire is a simple & secure platform for organizing quick remote support to any device anywhere in the world.

HelpWire is an eponymous service and standalone division of Electronic Team, Inc., introduced in 2023. But the brand HelpWire first appeared in 2017 when it used to be a custom-tailored solution for servicing USB devices over the network.

Fast forward a couple of years to the COVID-19 outbreak. As with most companies, it forced us to react immediately and find a way to provide IT support to our colleagues remotely.

Our team sensed the dire lack of a simple service that would allow organizations to quickly and securely provide remote support to their staff and clients.

So, we began reloading the concept of HelpWire into a dedicated remote support service that any IT department, MSP, or help desk team can use immediately.

The development of HelpWire started at the beginning of 2022 when the unspeakable happened — the Russian Federation unleashed a full-scale war against Ukraine that European soil has not seen since WWII. It has caught the whole world off guard, not to mention our development team, a large portion of which still lives in Ukraine up to this day.

However, the experience of heavy bombings, shelling, electricity shortages, and relocations has not stopped us from delivering the final service. As a remote-first company, we fully grasp the challenges remote support brings and made our best effort to translate accumulated along-the-way experience into the best free remote support instrument you can use today.

Deliver help wherever it is needed fast with HelpWire!

Our Mission

Our primary mission with HelpWire was to take a look at remote support from a new perspective and create a streamlined service for support teams to help them provide more efficient remote assistance.

Optimize remote support
With HelpWire, we aimed to develop a service optimized for remote support that would supplement IT support departments of various sizes. We achieved this by creating a platform equipped with all essential remote support instruments incorporated into a clear interface.

Keep it simple
We believe that a remote support service must be as straightforward as possible. So, we strive to reduce the unnecessary barriers between the technician and people receiving remote assistance to a minimum. Therefore, it only takes a single click to provide high-quality remote support.

Incorporate best security practices
We adhere to the principle of utmost security backed up by enterprise-grade encryption protocols. HelpWire utilizes TLS/SSL cryptographic protocols and AES-256 encryption standards.

Our Company

Electronic Team, Inc. - a tech development company

Electronic Team, Inc. is a parent technology development company behind HelpWire and a family of software tools specializing in remote device access.

Our journey began in the distant 2001 when IT was in its early stages. Since then, we have become experts in various fields, including USB and serial communication, media playback software, data management solutions, and many more. We do not stand still, constantly looking for new areas where our services can make people’s life easier.

Flexibility is critical to high efficiency which is why our apps are multi-platform. We continuously work to improve our software tools and expand their feature set.

Key Numbers

Software products developed
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Satisfied users
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March 26, 2024
“Overall, though, I think this is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to service a computer on the fly. It has the basics, it's remarkably easy to use on both sides of the session, and performance was on par with the competition.”
December 2, 2023
“HelpWire, a free remote desktop application, is ideal for small-to-medium businesses, help desk teams, managed service providers, IT consultants, and individual users.”
November 6, 2023
“HelpWire . . . offers an essential set of features, enabling a technical support team to effectively address customer issues.”


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