We’re Electronic Team, Inc. — nice to meet you!

We’re the creators of HelpWire, and many more helpful software solutions. Our exclusive port virtualization technology provides user-friendly features that make remotely accessing USB devices easy, fast, and reliable. We want everyone to experience the best quality remote support, so we ensure our products are compatible with all popular platforms and OS!

Our Mission


Never Stop Innovating

We strive to create and support high-end remote desktop solutions for LAN and internet connection

Maintain Top-Of-The-Line Security

You should always feel like your personal data is protected, so we ensure all in-coming and out-going network data is kept safe and secure
Develop Solutions

Develop Solutions That Work For Everyone

We continually perfect our USB port virtualization so that anyone on a network can share local devices with whoever they wish- no matter where they are in the world

Our Formula For Success

Electronic Team, Inc. specializes in complete product development cycles. All of which begin with in-depth research, and end with the best possible technical and customer support.
	Ensure Portability

Ensure Portability

Flexibility is critical for high-efficiency workflow, so we develop apps and subscription plans that are compatible with every major platform and OS. Best of all, because we know every user is unique, we provide customized plans that are tailored to fit your specific needs. Contact our expert Sales Department, and they’ll help you get started today!

Never Stop Perfecting

Electronic Team, Inc. never stops enhancing and improving our software solutions with exciting new features. Every Electronic Team, Inc. product is regularly updated, so you know they’ll always work the way you need them to.
Highly-Protected Data Security

Highly-Protected Data Security

We use the most advanced information security methods to ensure any and all data that communicates with our apps is completely protected.
Technical Support

Top-Quality Technical Support

Our elite team of technical experts are always there to support your needs, exceed your expectations, and do so quickly and effectively.

Contact Us... We’re Always Here To Help!

Electronic Team, Inc. will always be here with post-purchase support, software integration endorsements, and white labeling! No matter what you need, we’ll serve and assist you however we can!
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