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Remote Support for Point-of-Sale Systems

Point-of-sale devices are crucial for processing sales, often requiring prompt assistance to address issues. HelpWire enables users to connect remotely to a device in real-time, from anywhere.

Simple remote support service

Easy to Use and Install

HelpWire facilitates immediate, hassle-free POS remote support. Initiating sessions is straightforward, thanks to the program's intuitive interface which does not require cumbersome IDs or passwords.

Remote desktop tool for Mac and Windows

Cross-Platform Support

With its flexibility and scalability, HelpWire enables you to reach more clients over longer distances and troubleshoot issues with POS software on Windows and Mac workstations.

HelpWire’s Feature Set

HelpWire, designed for secure remote access in retail, boasts essential features such as enhanced remote desktop performance, solid security, and quick connectivity, simplifying the resolution of technical issues from any location.

Multiple workstations

Service Multiple Workstations

Tech professionals can utilize HelpWire to aid retail employees facing issues on multiple computers simultaneously, efficiently toggling between them to improve workflow.

Remote desktop software with multi-monitor support

Multi-Monitor View

HelpWire's ability to connect to multi-monitor systems and transition from a side-by-side display mode to alternative views boosts technicians’ efficiency.

Built-in chat for remote support

Support Chat

HelpWire allows users to reach out to clients directly via the integrated support chat. This feature keeps a record of your discussion for easy access in the future.

File transfer to boost remote support

File Transfer

To transfer files to a remote desktop running POS software, technicians can simply copy-paste them to a remote session window.

Flexible screen dimensions

Flexible Screen Dimensions

Modify the display on the remote client's screen according to your preference. Opt to alter either the width or height, maintain the original dimensions, or select the optimal fit.

Easy client management for remote support

Client Management

HelpWire enables effortless client management of retail customers, streamlining remote tech support. Through its client management features, users can improve issue tracking by appending notes about clients directly from the browser.

Robust Security

HelpWire safety is paramount, guaranteeing secure POS remote support through validated authentication, top-tier encryption, and AWS hosting.

HelpWire implements Auth0 authentication service

Reliable Authentication

Safeguard your credentials with Auth0—a reputable authentication and authorization platform endorsed by industry giants like AWS and Microsoft.

Robust end-to-end encryption

End-to-End Encryption

Connect to remote desktops via protected protocols (HTTPS and WSS), backed by the AES-256 encryption standard.

Secure Data Centers

Secure Data Center

Leveraging AWS servers for its cloud infrastructure, HelpWire ensures your client data remains protected. These servers are trusted by industry leaders like Netflix, NASA, Philips, and more.

Firewall friendly remote desktop

Firewall Compatibility

Establish remote connections without jeopardizing your clients' online security. There's no need to modify firewall settings or create port exceptions.