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Free Remote Support Software for MSP

HelpWire offers Managed Service Providers (MSPs) an easy-to-use remote support software solution for secure on-demand connections to remote clients to resolve issues promptly and reduce support costs.

Simple remote support service

Intuitive and Simplified Remote Assistance

HelpWire provides your MSP IT support team with a streamlined remote desktop solution that delivers immediate results. Access the tool's functionality through its optimized interface, allowing your technicians to start assisting clients right away.

Free remote support solution

Free for Personal and Business Use

HelpWire offers essential features tailored to the dynamic needs of your MSP IT support services, all without added expenses.

Cross-Platform Connectivity

MSPs need the capability to connect and control workstations across various operating systems. HelpWire equips MSPs with a remote support tool that easily connects to both Windows and macOS platforms.

Remote desktop tool for Mac and Windows

HelpWire’s Advanced Feature Set

HelpWire’s advanced features provide a comprehensive range of remote support tools, enabling MSPs to resolve client issues almost as if the technician worked on them directly. The remote support software for MSP ensures rapid, straightforward connectivity, first-rate security, and enhanced remote desktop functionality.

Multiple workstations

Control Multiple Workstations

Support multiple desktops by connecting to your remote client and switching between them seamlessly.

Initiate a remote support session

Streamlined Session Initiation

Establish remote sessions easily with HelpWire's dynamically generated unique client apps, eliminating the need for managing session IDs and passwords.

File transfer to boost remote support

Transfer Files

Copy and paste files from your local machine and to the remote session window without any hassle.

Multiple workstations

Multi-Monitor View

With HelpWire, view two client workstation displays at once and switch between multiple displays as needed.

Built-in chat for remote support

Support Chat

Boost productivity and heighten customer satisfaction with HelpWire's real-time support chat. Direct communication with clients allows for more efficient issue resolution.

Easy client management for remote support

Client Management

Enhance MSP remote support with HelpWire’s client management features. Organize client lists and add relevant notes directly through your browser.

Robust Security

HelpWire safety is a top priority, with a commitment to equipping MSPs with a suite of features designed to safeguard both your crucial data and communication with remote clients.

HelpWire implements Auth0 authentication service

Trusted Authentication Mechanism

Ensure secure logins from authorized users by leveraging HelpWire's integration with the trusted user authentication service, Auth0.

Robust end-to-end encryption

End-to-End Encryption

HelpWire uses industry-standard SSL/TLS encryption to secure all data transferred between remote client sessions, our servers, and operators.

Consent-Based Remote Access

Consent-Based Remote Access

To ensure client autonomy, operators need client consent before initiating an on-demand remote support session.

Firewall friendly remote desktop

Firewall-Friendly Software

Provide IT support without compromising client security. Establish safe remote connections without adjusting firewall settings or configurations.