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Your Go-to Free Zoho Assist Alternative

Switch to HelpWire, the intuitive and free alternative to Zoho Assist, and enjoy essential features for speedy remote support on both Windows and macOS, all while optimizing costs.
  • Intuitive interface
  • A free solution tailored to optimize your IT budget
Free Zoho Assist Alternative

HelpWire vs. Zoho Assist: A Side-by-Side Look

Delve into our comprehensive chart that compares the pricing and feature sets of HelpWire and Zoho Assist.
Zoho Assist
Free Standard Professional Enterprise
Price per month (billed annually)
Price per month (billed annually) Free Free €10 €15 €24
Multi-Platform Support
Multi-Platform Support Windows/ Mac Windows/ Mac/ Linux/ Chrome OS Windows/ Mac/ Linux/ Chrome OS Windows/ Mac/ Linux/ Chrome OS Windows/ Mac/ Linux/ Chrome OS
Privacy and Security (TLS and AES-256-bit encryption, 2FA)
Privacy and Security (TLS and AES-256-bit encryption, 2FA)
File Transfer
File Transfer
Multi-Monitor View
Multi-Monitor View
Chat and Communication
Chat and Communication Text Text Text and voice Text and voice Text, voice, video, and VOIP
Attended Access
Attended Access
Mobile Support
Mobile Support Needs extra module Needs extra module
Screen Sharing
Screen Sharing
Session Recording
Session Recording
Session Notes
Session Notes

Distinctive HelpWire Features

Highlighting what makes HelpWire a preferred choice in the realm of remote support services.

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Quick Session Start

Easy Session Start

Initiate remote sessions with HelpWire by sending out a unique remote desktop connection URL to each client. This method negates the hassle of managing session IDs and passwords.
Integrated Chat

Instant Chat

Benefit from real-time support chat that expedites issue resolution, empowering tech support personnel to swiftly grasp problem specifics and roll out immediate solutions.
File Exchange

Effortless File Transfer

Send files seamlessly from the operator’s system and to the remote client by simply copying and pasting them within the active remote desktop window.
Multi-Monitor View

Multi-Monitor Support

Empower your remote support by visualizing two displays of a client’s machine concurrently, or easily toggling between several screens during assistance.
Robust Security

Robust Security

Ensure your data remains safeguarded with robust HelpWire security measures, including two-factor authentication, TLS/SSL channels, and comprehensive AES-256 data encryption.

Diverse Remote Support Scenarios

Small to Medium Businesses

For Growing Businesses

With HelpWire, a remote support software for small businesses, SMBs can meticulously manage expenses, deliver unparalleled remote client assistance, and elevate their tech team’s productivity with this easy-to-use service.
Educational Institutions

For Educational Institutions

Remote support for educational institutions can efficiently diagnose and rectify challenges on devices used by learners and teaching staff.
IT Support

For IT Support Crews

HelpWire, a remote support software for tech consultants, streamlines problem-solving by providing timely, on-demand assistance to users struggling with configuring system settings or installing new software.