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Neatly Organized Client Database

Stay on top of your client lists and their essential info. Effortlessly add and remove remote clients, fill out client profiles, and access the history of your previous interactions.  
HelpWire client management functionality

Handy Client Management features

Neatly organized clients list in HelpWire

Client Directory

Find the client you need in your client list, access their information, and drop a message via a support chat with a couple of clicks.
Several client's workstaions grouped under one profile in HelpWire web account

Workstation Grouping

Support clients with as many workstations as they need to be serviced. You’ll be able to access them through the same client profile one at a time to provide remote assistance.
View system information about clients workstation

Workstation Details

Each of the client's connected workstations is displayed in the client's profile with the name of the operating system currently used by the client, system version, and type.
Detailed client profile in HelpWire

Client Info

Fill in a personal client profile with any information you consider crucial. Save the client’s email address, location, and phone number and add notes about their case.