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Remote Support for Government Organizations

HelpWire delivers a secure and user-friendly remote desktop tool designed to promptly connect and resolve issues, ensuring minimal disruption to a government organization's IT operations.

Free government remote support solution

Cost-Effective Solution

HelpWire is a cost-effective remote desktop solution that respects a government organization’s IT budget, furnishing essential features to enhance remote IT support across such institutions.

Remote desktop tool for Mac and Windows

Cross-Platform Support

Governmental departments typically operate using various operating systems. HelpWire ensures seamless cross-platform connectivity for Windows and macOS, enhancing the productivity of technical support teams.

HelpWire’s Top Features

With fast connections, strong security, and a smooth remote desktop experience, HelpWire equips tech support teams with everything they need for remote troubleshooting.

Initiate a tech support session quickly

Instant Remote Connections

Starting a remote session is hassle-free — no IDs or passwords. Technicians only need to send a client their unique URL to initiate a remote connection and address the issue.

Built-in chat for remote tech support

Built-In Chat

HelpWire's support chat feature enables immediate communication with clients, fostering productivity and reducing time to issue resolution.

Control multiple workstations to enhance government tech support

Multi-Workstations Control

Efficiently control multiple remote machines of a single client simultaneously and alternate between them with ease.

Remote desktop tool with multi-monitor support

Multi-Monitor Support

Technicians can switch between remote desktop views or have a simultaneous side-by-side display.

Customize display dimensions

Adjustable Display Settings

Adjust the remote client's display to suit your needs. Choose to change the width, or height, retain the original settings, or pick the best fit.

File transfer to enhance remote support

File Transfer

Copy and paste files directly to the remote session window, bypassing the need for intermediate storage and expediting problem resolution.

Client management for government agencies remote support

Client Management

Using HelpWire, IT support teams can efficiently manage their client base from public agencies through client management features, including directly adding notes on client issues from their browsers.

Robust Security

HelpWire safety is at the forefront, employing stringent security measures to safeguard governmental data resources and adhering to industry-standard protective measures.

Modify firewall configurations

Firewall Compliance

Connect remotely without adjusting firewall ports or configurations, ensuring client system security isn't compromised.

Robust end-to-end encryption

Enterprise-Grade Encryption

HelpWire protects traffic using WSS and HTTPS secure connection protocols. Data is encrypted with TLS/SSL and industry-standard AES-256 encryption.

HelpWire implements Auth0 authentication service

Reliable Authentication

HelpWire integrates with Auth0, a globally recognized authentication platform, ensuring credential security for tech support teams.

Secure cloud infrastructure

Secure Data Hosting

Built on AWS's dependable servers, HelpWire guarantees data security, a platform trusted by global giants like Disney, Netflix, and Samsung.