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Organize and Manage Your Support Team

HelpWire is a free remote desktop service offering a comprehensive toolset for expanding your tech support team and managing operators.
Remote Control

Team Management features overview

start remote support

Teammate Invites

Effortlessly expand your team or bring in specialized support by sending bulk invitations to single or multiple email addresses simultaneously.
connect cross platform

Role Hierarchy

Define clear roles: Company Owners can create, manage, and dissolve Companies, ensuring high-level oversight. Meanwhile, Support Operators focus on providing top-notch assistance to remote clients.

Company Profile

Customize your Company name and logo to enhance your professional image and foster brand recognition and client trust during support interactions.

Cross-team Access

Extend your expertise by participating as a Support Operator across multiple companies. While also establishing and leading your own Company, and managing a skilled support team.

Centralized Contacts

Maintain a cohesive support experience as all Operators within the same Company gain access to a shared pool of client contacts.