AeroAdmin vs TeamViewer

AeroAdmin vs TeamViewer

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This article is here to help make choosing between TeamViewer and AeroAdmin easier. Below we compare and highlight the unique features and flaws in both of these software tools, giving the user the information they need to make the choice that’s best for them. We discuss their commonalities, and identify key differences between TeamViewer and AeroAdmin, ensuring that readers can make their selection with confidence.


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Founded in 2012, AeroAdmin LLC develops specialized remote desktop software that focuses on user-experience, and security protection that vastly enhances remote administrative computer tasks (and online collaboration).

AeroAdmin offers a free version of their remote computer access tool that supports remote work, system administration, employee monitoring, and much more.

Conveniently, AeroAdmin requires no installation, registration, or configuration. Thanks to it’s 2 MB executable file size, AeroAdmin is ready to go in just minutes (often less than 60 seconds).

Being that AeroAdmin enables users to connect with minimal stops, it’s a wonderful software choice for spontaneous and scheduled technical support.

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In just seconds, remotely connect to any PC/server across the globe thanks to TeamViewer. This tool provides remote control over a client machine with the same level of responsiveness that one would experience when working directly on the remotely access desktop computer.

TeamViewer is a globally beloved online meeting and remote access software because it’s reliable, and comes in more than 30 languages.

And apps like airbackup (cloud-based back-up software), and ITbrain (ideal for remote monitoring and IT asset tracking) are wonderful accessories to the TeamViewer product line.

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AeroAdmin provides users with a vast selection of features that enhance user-experience and efficiency. One feature is a Contact Book, allowing users the option to add any remote computers they access on a regular basis. The Contact Book feature means that, in just one click, users can connect to their remote desktops without re-entering the host computer’s ID.

SOS Message is an ideal feature for IT help desks, as it lets customers submit support tickets via email. The IT technician receives a link within the email, allowing them to connect instantly.

An additionally convenient feature is the ability to sync clipboards between remotely connected machines, allowing for easy file transferring… and even though full session recording isn’t available, users can take screenshots whenever they like. Users can also reboot a computer remotely, which is vital when it comes to finalizing software or OS updates from afar.


Thanks to its exceptional flexibility, TeamViewer is a useful tool in almost any circumstance. Here are a few circumstances worth noting:

  • TeamViewer is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS operating systems. TeamViewer even provides a mobile app that makes it quite convenient for those who travel;
  • With a convenient “status” display that allows guests to search and communicate with each other, TeamViewer makes sharing presentations, demonstrations, and training videos simple and fast;
  • TeamViewer doesn’t even need to be installed on every machine participating in the remote session, making it remarkably efficient for technical support interactions. As long as the tech’s workstation has a license, and TeamViewer installed- remote customers can easily run TeamViewer on their machine without installing it.

Interface Comparison


Operating System

Both solutions support a wide variety of operating systems. Also, you can compare Microsoft RDP and TeamViewer by the number of operating systems accessible for remote support.

Pros And Cons


  • Free Advanced Features (Non-Commercial-Use Only)
  • Supports Infinite Number Of Computers
  • Built-In Tools For Chat, Video, and Audio Conferencing
  • Developed To Support Numerous To-And-From” Sharing Access Options
  • No Viewing Two Systems At Once
  • Additional Costs For Mobile Access


  • Free Personal And Commercial Use
  • Ideal For Spontaneous Support Situations
  • Remote Reboot And Log Off (Available For Normal and Safe Mode)
  • Custom Keyboard Shortcut Support
  • Clipboard Syncing
  • Can Install As A Window Server
  • No Installation Is Required Thanks To Portability
  • Zero Chat Options
  • Doesn’t Support Remote Printing
  • Connection Time-Limits For Free License Users



AeroAdmin offers a free version that’s excellent for individual and commercial use, but does suffer a few critical restrictions.

The free version only allows a maximum of two simultaneous connections, and does not provide file-transferring capabilities. Additionally (on a single computer) users only have up to seventeen hours of connection time per month. Thankfully, paid AeroAdmin subscription plans are quite affordable for those who need more time/features.

  • The “Pro” plan (which eliminates connection time-limits) costs only $67.40 per year (the only Pro plan restriction worth noting, is that users only have a maximum of three connections running at once) ;
  • The “Business” plan allows for infinite connections, and costs $89.90 per year;
  • The “Corporate” plan allows for personalized branding on your software GUI, and costs $104.90.


Along with such unexpected value and affordability: TeamViewer offers numerous discounts, and sales that make it a fantastic remote access software that’s budget-friendly all year long.

  • 1-User: $50.90 per month;
  • 20 Users: $102.90 per month;
  • 200 Users: $206.90 per month.

No matter whether users are located in a single on-site workplace, or function remotely all over the world, remote access technology is a necessity for many white-collar organizations, and can provide a healthy boost to business.


Many would argue that AeroAdmin is the most cost-effective remote desktop software thanks to its straight-forward and simple design. However, one main drawback is that AeroAdmin lacks scalability.

This is no issue for personal tasks (like communicating with loved ones), or small businesses- but it can be an issue for any companies interested in growth. Alternatively, TeamViewer is a feature-rich software that’s perfect for medium to large-scale organizations.

We hope that this article has helped you learn all about TeamViewer and AeroAdmin’s unique differences, and that this information allows you to make a confident and educated decision regarding which software is perfect for your needs.