SplashTop vs Teamviewer

SplashTop vs TeamViewer

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This article is here to help make choosing between TeamViewer and SplashTop easier. Below we compare and highlight the unique features and flaws in both of these software tools, giving the user the information they need to make the choice that’s best for them. We discuss their commonalities, and identify key differences between TeamViewer and SplashTop, ensuring that readers can make their selection with confidence.



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When choosing a remote PC access software, professionals in the entertainment, media, and creative teams are always on the lookout for secure connections and high-speed performance. They also yearn for a solution that can provide them with the flexibility of using all their tools and preferred platforms with ease.

Splashtop can help you here. It will allow you to access the camera on your mobile devices through the functionality of augmented reality (AR). This will enable faster off-site support, enhanced collaboration, and effective training.

The tool is compatible with most platforms and devices. It comes with remote work features and advanced security and works across most devices and platforms. It is also easy to adapt and use for customer and IT support departments.


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TeamViewer is a well-crafted solution for people looking for the best remote desktop solution. It works seamlessly with platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. It also offers many advanced security features to stay protected from attackers.

Therefore, this software is an ideal option for large as well as medium-sized business that has a significant user base.

Furthermore, with TeamViewer, employees will get to use plenty of support and remote access options. They will also benefit from some of the regularly used tools for successful collaboration, like built-in video conferencing.

TeamViewer offers different packages suitable for teams of varying budgets. However, it offers advanced functionalities and a wide range of features, which could be overwhelming for small businesses.

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SplashTop gives users remote access tools that boast unique and highly-targeted features. Simultaneously, numerous and noteworthy global features include a straight-forward and user-friendly interface, and full access to client computers without the need to install software on the client computer. Splashtop Business Pro offers true multi-to-multi monitor support.

Simultaneously, SplashTop’s intuitive application provides users with access and control over unattended machines from numerous devices. Users can also connect multiple unattended PCs, ensuring they always have full control over critical information and files.

Pending on the subscription plan purchased, SplashTop provides a variety of bonus features. One feature being that all subscriptions have file transfer tools by default, available session recording (when applicable), and support packages with built-in chat modules.


At base level, TeamViewer provides users with screen share, and remote desktop access tools. Excitingly, TeamViewer also boasts extensive additional features that are described below:

  • • TeamViewer provides streamlined cross-platform compatibility, meaning that users can access Android and iOS devices from Windows or Mac computers (and vice versa);
  • • TeamViewer allows multiple users (like a tech support team) the ability to log into a single session simultaneously. Allowing for quicker, and more effective problem-solving for complex issues;
  • • The TeamViewer interface even allows users to transfer files between devices/machines (all users need to do is connect via “file transfer” and follow the prompts);
  • • TeamViewer is compatible with numerous network and IoT devices, allowing simplified monitoring and control over the device network.

Interface Comparison

Both tools worked exceptionally well, being fluid and easy-to-use thanks to an intuitive GUI. Conveniently, establishing connections with portable devices is as simple and quick as connecting to remote desktop- and both solutions execute beautifully smooth image scaling.


Operating System

A wide variety of OS are supported by both software, and users can compare TeamViewer and AeroAdmin based on the total number of operating systems with remote support accessibility.

Pros And Cons

See below for a detailed list of pros and cons encompassing both remote access software tools. We recommend balancing these pros and cons against RemotePC and SplashTop (ensuring the best possible decision is made).


  • Free version for personal-use only
  • User-friendly GUI
  • OS support for: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, and Blackberry OS
  • All features compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems
  • Robust security and protection (256-bit AES Encryption and 2-Factor Authentication)
  • Users cannot view 2 remote systems at the same time
  • Additional cost for mobile access


  • Budget-friendly subscription plans
  • Simplified UI
  • Ultra-fast connection speed
  • Drag-and-drop file transfer feature
  • Complete multi-monitor displays (available with a high-tiered plan)
  • OS support for: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Chrome
  • TLS and 256-bit AES Encryption, 2-Step Verification, Device Authentication, and numerous 2nd-Level password options
  • More intensive installation (Mac OS especially)
  • Purchase of high-tiered plans required to access most features
  • Priority technical support available with high-tier plans only (i.e. phone support hours aren’t listed on website)


Both options provide numerous pricing options, and with the insight provided for these 2 powerful apps, users can easily compare pricing policy with RemotePC and TeamViewer.


There are a variety of SplashTop plans based on a user’s specific needs.

  • SplashTop Business Access lets users access computers from any location. SplashTop Business Access costs between $60.00 to $99.00 per user (billed annually);
  • SplashTop Remote Support allows remote unattended devices accessibility to a defined number of Window and Mac computers (accessible by an infinite number of licensed technicians). SplashTop Remote Support costs $299.00 for 25 computers (billed annually);
  • SplashTop SOS is ideal for on-demand support provided by licensed technicians (higher-priced SOS plans provide unattended remote computer access). SplashTop SOS costs $199.00 per technician (billed annually);
  • SplashTop Education provides screen-sharing tools specifically developed for educational purposes. SplashTop Education costs $29.99 per licensed teaching professional (billed annually).

Note: All SplashTop subscription plans provide a free 7-day trial


As a leading remote access software tool, this is a shockingly good value- and thanks to frequent TeamViewer discounts and sales, costs are quite affordable and appealing throughout the year.

  • • TeamViewer’s lowest tier plan supports 1-user, and costs $50.90/month;
  • • TeamViewer’s next tier plan supports up to 20-users, and costs $102.90/month;
  • • TeamViewer offers a plan that supports up to 200-users, and costs $206.90/month.

Regardless if users conduct business in a defined workspace, or function as a remote workforce spanning the world… Modernity demands that most white-collar positions use computers that IT teams will need to access for problem-solving and general maintenance.

Thus, remote access tools are a vital investment for business in 2023 and beyond.


SplashTop is ideal for single-users and small businesses because it’s affordable, and provides better support. However, TeamViewer is an equally excellent software, and boasts greater performance and many additional features.

For businesses that require high-performance, and robustly-featured tools, TeamViewer is the perfect choice. For individuals, or small to medium-sized businesses (even enterprise businesses in certain circumstances), SplashTop is a better option.