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Bomgar vs TeamViewer

Oliver Rieder Article author
Bomgar vs TeamViewer

In this unprecedented time of remote team management, remote support tools has become an indispensable resource for businesses requiring secure remote management- or those providing customer and tech support. With that in mind, Bomgar and TeamViewer (two powerful remote desktop tools), provide easy troubleshooting options that make up for digital defects and frustrations.

While both software options simplify most IT tasks through easy access and control over remote devices, readers should also recognize Bomgar and TeamViewers’ variety of features that make them beneficial in other scenarios, as well.


Bomgar Remote Support

bomgar logo

Bomgar offers one of the most comprehensive feature catalogs in its category. Additionally, it provides remote desktop support that functions exceptionally well on mobile devices and traditional desktop computers.

BeyondTrust Remote Support (previously Bomgar Remote Support) allows users to view and control their desktops, laptops, mobile devices- and even POS systems.

Bomgar’s file transfer feature enables users to transmit valuable files from a computer to client, or from a remote system to a device. Copying and transferring any file-type (including mp3s, images, etc) is an easy and almost instantaneous process. Bomgar also offers remote file printing capabilities.


teamviewer logo

TeamViewer is a top pick for IT departments, enterprise-level, and corporate users. Conveniently, it also provides a free version that’s packed with features- but it’s only permitted for non-commercial use. Boasting some of the strongest security protocols on the market, TeamViewer supports numerous operating systems, devices, and platforms.

Users have 24/7 control over remote computers and servers simultaneously, quick and easy file sharing, online-meeting options for up to 25 participants, and can use it as a VPN alternative.




Bomgar (AKA BeyondTrust Remote Support) lets users have full access/control of a remote desktop, allowing for quick and effective troubleshooting without needing a tech physically on site.

Check out more awesome features below:

  • • Remotely manipulate a distant desktop as if the user was operating the machine in person;
  • • Access remote computers even if users aren’t present (additionally helpful if a particular user isn’t technologically savvy);
  • • Access remote cameras on iOS and Android devices, enabling additional support opportunities (like if a tech is assisting with WiFi issues and needs to see the physical router);
  • • Can use an iOS or Android’s auto-focus, zoom, and flashlight features;
  • • Annotation options that let tech’s assist customers in solving issues themselves;
  • • Can draw on the screen or scribble notes using the remote camera;
  • • Chat and voice communication options that make it easy to assist custome.


TeamViewer (at its most basic level) provides screen-sharing tools, and access to remote computers- but it also offers a plethora of powerful features, which are listed below.

  • • Stream-lined cross-platform compatibility that allows users to access their iOS/Android device using a Windows or Mac OS (or vice versa) ;
  • • Allows more than one user (like remote support professionals) to enter the same remote session, equalling faster and more effective problem resolution;
  • • Transfer files with TeamViewer’s easy Graphical User Interface (just connect via “File Transfer” setting and following the prompts to get started) ;
  • • Enjoy improved connectivity and simple device management thanks to TeamViewer’s extensive compatibility with numerous IoT and network devices.
File Transfer
Session Recording
Audio Support
Session Transfer
Remote Printing
USB Sharing
Real-Time Chat Functions
Mobile Accessibility
File Transfer
Session Recording
Audio Support
Session Transfer
Remote Printing
USB Sharing
Real-Time Chat Functions
Mobile Accessibility

Interface Comparison

We examined both solutions and they passed all of our tests. Features are easy to find with their intuitive interfaces. They connect to mobile devices and remote servers or desktops without any issues. The tools also smoothly scale the images of remotely accessed machines.


Operating System

You can use both of these tools with all popular operating systems. TeamViewer and LogMeIn support a wide variety of platforms for establishing remote access.

Operating SystemTeamViewerBomgar
iOS & iPadOS
Raspberry Pi
Chrome OS
iOS & iPadOS
Raspberry Pi
Chrome OS

Pros And Cons

We provide the following tables with the advantages and disadvantages of TeamViewer and Bomgar. You can compare them with what TeamViewer and VNC provide to make the best choice for your situation.


  • Free version available (non-commercial use only)
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Fast connection speed
  • Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iOS, and Blackberry OS support
  • All features are compatible with Windows and Mac OS
  • Strong security with 256-bit AES encryption, and two-factor authentication
  • Can’t view more than one remote system at a time
  • Additional costs for mobile access


  • Smart card authentication and screen sharing are restricted to specific apps
  • Excellent security measures
  • Embeddable chat and support functions
  • A large selection of tools
  • Can transfer access from one user to another
  • Not available in all regions
  • Remote access is limited by groups- not individual users
  • No control over screen size
  • Multi-monitor display not supported


Both TeamViewer and Bomgar offer numerous pricing options, and with the information gained about these tools, users can now compare pricing policy with alternative apps like Bomgar and LogMeIn.

Regardless of whether a company coexists within one location, or is spread all over the world, most modern office work relies on computers- and the IT team that’s responsible for maintaining systems and solving issues.

Thus, remote access software can greatly enhance productivity (i.e. revenue generation opportunities) for most businesses.

TeamViewer Pricing Plans

TeamViewer service has one free and five paid plans: two for single users, two for small and middle-sized teams, and a customized Enterprise membership. They also offer many third-party integrations, add-ons, and a 14-day trial to test all premium features.

TeamViewer plans for single users

With basic Remote Access membership, you’ll get 1 licensed user and 1 concurred connection on 3 managed devices. There is an unlimited list of devices that you can connect from. It means you can connect to your work computer from your home PC, laptop, mobile, and tablet without additional fees.

It will cost you $24.90 per month. If you want 3 extra devices to connect (a total of 6 managed devices), buy an add-on. In this case, your monthly subscription costs $49.80/month.

A Business membership suits small teams. It has 1 licensed user, 1 current connection, 200 managed devices, 3 devices to connect from, and unlimited devices to connect to. You can add up to 10 meeting participants and have 24/7 phone support.

It will cost you $50.90 per month. But if you want to add management support for mobile devices, prepare to pay $63.85 per month.

TeamViewer plans for teams

With a Premium membership, you’ll get up to 15 licensed users and 300 managed devices under a single subscription. You still get just 1 concurrent connection as in single usage plans. But you have 10 concurrent sessions (in tabs) per connection.

It will cost you $112.90 per month with 1 concurrent connection. But if you decide to buy more connections, you can buy up to 150 extra, each one costing you approximately $60-80 monthly. You can also add mobile device management support for extra $13 per month. So a basic Premium with added Mobile Management features costs $125.85 per month.

Corporate membership is the most advanced option you can get without contacting the TeamViewer team. It has 30 licensed users, 3 concurrent connections, and 500 managed devices under one membership. You’ll get up to 15 concurrent sessions per connection, a mass deployment, and outgoing and incoming connection reporting.

It will cost you $229.90 per month with a basic Corporate plan. You can add the Mobile Devices management option for extra $39 monthly and Integrations Add-on for $23 monthly. Each additional concurrent connection will cost you $70-80 per month.

TeamViewer plans for enterprises

The Enterprise plan has no public pricing because it suits company’s needs up to the tiniest details. Contact the TeamViewer Sales team to get a personalized price list.

TeamViewer Engage pricing

It’s the platform for online sales, digital customer service, and video consultations from the TeamViewer team. It has co-browsing, eSignature, appointment scheduling, live chats, and conversational chatbot features. As for middle-2023, TeamViewer Engage has 2 plans: Pro and Enterprise. The first option costs you $59.90/month. The second option is customizable without a predefined price range. Enterprise plan also has Mobile SDK support, Chatbots NLP API (based on AI), and custom integrations.

Bomgar Pricing Plans

Bomgar customers must make a one-time purchase of a Bomgar(BeyondTrust) physical appliance- then offers support and upgrades at the cost of annual maintenance fees. This, in the long-run, terminates monthly SAAS (Software as a Service) fees, equally lower costs for ownership.

This also circumvents SaaS-related deployments issues- being that its setup as a dedicated cloud-hosted appliance (within a secure Bomgar data center.)

Annual cloud services cost $2097/per concurrent license.

Pricing plansTeamViewerBomgar
Free Version Yes No
Free Trial No Yes
Level 1 $24.90/month Consult Vendor Rep
Level 2 $50.90/month Consult Vendor Rep
Level 3 $112.90/month Consult Vendor Rep
Level 4 $229.90/month N/A
Level 5 Custom pricing N/A
Free Version
Yes No
Free Trial
No Yes
Level 1
$24.90/month Consult Vendor Rep
Level 2
$50.90/month Consult Vendor Rep
Level 3
$112.90/month Consult Vendor Rep
Level 4
$229.90/month N/A
Level 5
Custom pricing N/A


TeamViewer is known for many great features, but one of its most beloved is being easy to use. Additionally, TeamViewer provides a free version for non-commercial use, which is a great option for freelancers.

Alternatively, Bomgar offers an impressive list of features that integrates with a plethora of management tools like Salesforce, HP, Hornbill, and more.

Before selecting a remote software solution, review the needs of your team (and your organization as a whole) to ensure that the software you choose provides all of the features that will add efficiency to your specific company.

Both TeamViewer and Bomgar (BeyondTrust Remote Support) are excellent choices, offering a range of flexible options that greatly enhance productivity, communication, and workflow.