Bomgar vs LogMeIn

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In this article, we’ll be comparing two powerful remote management tools called Bomgar and LogMeIn. Both options provide plenty of useful features, troubleshooting solutions, and more… ensuring remote work productivity faces fewer and fewer challenges.

While both options are exceptional at providing easy access to remote devices, we’ll go over their key strengths, weaknesses, and prices to help readers select the right tool for their needs.


BeyondTrust rank based on Capterra reviews

Bomgar offers one of the most diverse and comprehensive feature catalogs, outperforming most competitor software in its category. Additionally, the software enables remote management over desktops and mobile devices.

The BeyondTrust Remote Support feature (previously called “Bomgar Remote Support”), allows users to access, view, and control desktops, laptops, mobile devices- and even POS systems! Bomgar’s “File Transfer” feature allows users to transmit valuable files from one remotely accessed computer to the physical machine that the user is operating from.

Transferring files is easy and practically instantaneous, meaning that users can easily copy, share, or transfer files of any type (like images, mp3s, etc.) Bomgar even makes simple work of remote printing, too!

LogMeIn Pro rank based on Capterra reviews

LogMeIn Pro is one of the most beloved remote access tools on the market. Owned by the same company that developed the collaborative tool: GoToMeeting, LogMeIn’s feature suite primarily targets large-scale businesses. LogMeIn also offers additional (and exclusive) bonuses such as 1 TB of cloud storage, and LastPass Premium subscriptions (a password management service) with every plan.

LogMeIn users can perform remote desktop tasks via the app, or a web browser (though the web browser may lack some of the features.) The only downside: LogMeIn stopped offering a free version of their software quite some time ago (January 2014.)

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Bomgar (or BeyondTrust Remote Support) enables complete control over a remote desktop. This means users (like tech support professionals) can troubleshoot and fix system issues without being physically present.

Here are some cool features to try:

  • • Remotely manipulate the end user’s desktop as if physically in front of the screen
  • • Access the remote computer regardless of whether anyone else is physically present at the remote computer (this feature is great if an end-user isn’t very tech-savvy)
  • • Access the remote user’s camera. An excellent option for troubleshooting situations surrounding WiFi connections, as it makes it possible to see the physical router or server. This feature only functions on iOS and Android mobile devices, and users can even control a device’s flashlight, auto-focus, and zoom
  • • Use annotations to assist customers in solving tech issues on their own. With a remote camera, the support professional can write helpful notes, or draw on the screen directly
  • • Implement chat or voice communication to walk the end-user through troubleshooting issues


LogMeIn Pro offers an array of features that make accessing files (and remotely controlling a desktop) simple and easy.

The File Manager enables quick access to the host machine’s file system, whereas IT professionals will enjoy the convenient split display option that allows for easy drag-and-drop file sharing between client and host computers. This is especially helpful when it’s time to share files that are too large to send via email.

The Wake On LAN feature ensures a remote computer is always ready to go when the user needs it.

Whiteboard Drawing allows meeting hosts to direct attention to items on-screen, better facilitating support sessions. If the user needs to prepare a demonstration ahead of time, the Screen Record feature makes that easy, and even comes with AVI output.

Finally, graphic designers, web designers, developers (or anyone who relies on multiple desktops) will enjoy LogMeIn’s intuitive Multiple Monitor capabilities.

Multiple Monitor support allows users to view monitors individually on a single screen, or replicate a workstation exactly with multi-monitor host-to-client support. Programs and files stay organized to the user’s preferences, ensuring productivity no matter where the user is working from.



Bomgar (BeyondTrust)

File transferring

Record Sessions

Audio Support

Transfer Sessions

Print Remotely


Chat In Real-Time

Mobile Access

Interface Comparison

User Experience: Both remote desktop apps were very user-friendly, with their interfaces clear and easy to navigate.

Image Scaling Quality: Image scaling was also exceptional on both tools, providing clear, hi-res images that looked amazing.

Mobile Accessibility: Mobile device connectivity also functioned equally as well as if connecting to a desktop computer.


Operating Systems

Bomgar and LogMeIn provide support for a vast selection of operating systems and platforms. Users can also compare LogMeIn and SplashTop based on the number of remotely accessible operating systems.

Operating System

Bomgar (BeyondTrust)





iOS & iPadOS


Chrome OS


Pros and Cons

Now we’ll cover the specific pros and cons of Bomgar and LogMeIn. Use this insight to draw comparisons with tools like RemotePC and LogMeIn while shopping for your remote access software solution.




User-friendly from install to operations


Extend computer/file access to unlimited users

Free version not available

Drag-and-drop file transferring (on Windows only)

Mac version lacks certain features

Multi-monitor displays and screen sharing

Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS support

Powerful security thanks to 256-bit AES encryption, double passwords, and end-to-end authentication

1 TB cloud storage provided with every LogMeIn plan

24/7 phone and ticket tech support

Bomgar (BeyondTrust)



Implement  smart card authentication and limit screen sharing to specific applications

Not available in all regions

Very secure

System remote access can only be restricted by groups not per user

Embeddable chat and support components

Lacks control over screen size

A wide array of tools

Support for multiple monitors

Can transfer access to another user


Bomgar and LogMeIn offer a plethora of pricing options to choose from. Now that users are better informed about these two apps, they can compare the pricing policy with the other remote tools like Bomgar and Teamviewer.


The Individual subscription is $349.99/year, providing access to 2 computers

The “Power User” subscription is $839.99/year, providing access to up to 5 computers

The “Small Business” subscription is $1,539.99/year, allowing access to up to 10 computers


Bomgar (BeyondTrust) provides physical remote support. What that means is: customers purchase a Bomgar (BeyondTrust) appliance, and receive support, upgrades, and maintenance for an annual fee.

This avoids monthly fees frequently required by SAAS products, and actually lowers the cost of ownership overall.

Problems related to SaaS deployment are also side-stepped, as Bomgar’s been configured as a dedicated cloud-hosted appliance in a secure Bomgar datacenter.

• Cloud annual billing will cost $2097/per concurrent license

Pricing Option


Bomgar (BeyondTrust)

Free Version



Free Trial

7-Day Free Trial


Business License


Contact Vendor

Premium License


Contact Vendor

Corporate License


Contact Vendor


When users require a service that enables remote control and management over an end-users computer/device, Bomgar and LogMeIn are excellent tools to choose from. Both solutions offer the features and functionality that make solving issues on a remote machine easy and efficient.

However, for users in search of an option that’s both powerful and affordable, LogMeIn will be the ideal choice.

Alternatively, Bomgar (or BeyondTrust Remote Support), is a fantastic tool for users needing enterprise-level business solutions.

The integration and convenient features offered, make Bomgar(BeyondTrust) an easier recommendation for a business that likes an easy way to render customer support, maintain security, and make maintaining compliance a simple matter.