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Many people would think that business VPNs and consumer VPNs function similarly. While it’s true that they have similar functions, there are still different types of VPN.

As a start, we mainly use business VPNs to add a layer of security for our organization. It protects our data and privacy against potential cyber threats such as hacking and surveillance.

But besides this, multiple users can also take advantage of the benefits of a business VPN. Employees could use a universal account handled and controlled by only one account manager. However, maintaining a private VPN can be a challenge for some businesses.

Big enterprises usually have no problems operating their private VPN services. But small and medium-sized organizations do not have the same IT resources and capabilities to set up and maintain a safe, stable, and private VPN. Luckily, some consumer VPN solutions now cater to this overlooked audience.

In this post, we outlined the best remote access VPN for businesses. We also answered some of the most commonly asked questions about this matter, so make sure to read on.

List of Best VPN for Small Business

We looked at fundamental VPN parameters for enterprises to curate this list of the best VPNs for small businesses. We then evaluated each remote access VPN solution according to the following criteria:

  • • Suitability for business operations
  • • Security features
  • • Pricing plans
  • Connection speed
  • • Network reliability

From the criteria above, we gathered eight of the most excellent VPN services for businesses. Each solution is worth considering, so we’ve outlined its best and weakest features below to help you choose the most suitable VPN for your company.

1. Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81

Rating 9.5/10

Servers: 700+

Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS
Server locations: 36
8-16$ per user/month 5 user min
Split tunneling +
+40$ per gateway
Static IP: +

The first on our list of the best business VPN solutions is Perimeter 81. This top-notch cloud-based service lets enterprises set up their own private remote servers, which gives employees 24/7 access wherever they are. In turn, managers can also regulate their staff’s online activity without prior IT knowledge using a centralized dashboard.

One of the best features of this remote access VPN includes industry-standard security protocols, such as IKEv2, OpenVPN, and WireGuard. On top of that, Perimeter 81 also has automated WiFi security and a zero-trust network on top of the three security protocols. Together, these functionalities make this VPN solution one of the safest VPNs against cyberattacks for businesses.

In addition, Perimeter 81 is best for enterprises operating with unique security features, including network segmentation that prevents sensitive company data breaches. It’s also an excellent service provider for businesses with multiple offices worldwide. You can set up, scale, and maintain site-specific VPNs and connect them.

Perimeter 81’s data can also withstand cyberattacks due to its 256-bit AES. You can monitor and modify your VPN settings by inspecting all incoming traffic.

And in instances in which you would not be able to set up your own private server, you can still select from over 700 available public servers in 36 countries. There are also apps for different operating systems like Android, Chrome, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.



Customized option

Requires more than five users

Team and network management console

Stores user data for improvement purposes

Custom plan

A bit costly for many business users

Complete network security platform

License price may increase as the company grows

Specifically caters to the needs of businesses

Quote-based pricing

Ability to launch own server and select from public server options

Can set up site-to-site VPNs

Host apps and files on the VPN server

Robust encryption

Compatible with network segmentation

Seamless scaling and simple deployment

Static IP

Split tunneling

2. NordLayer


Rating 9.2/10

Servers: 700+

Money-back guarantee: -
Server locations: 36
7-12$ per user/month
Split tunneling: -
+ 50$ / month for fixed IP
Static IP: +

If you heard of NordVPN Teams before, you’ll be surprised to know that it has rebranded its name into NordLayer. Nonetheless, it’s still a popular consumer VPN solution for many businesses and enterprises.

For starters, you can manage and regulate your employees’ accounts through a unified control panel. You can even transmit data safely and privately from different devices across 33 countries.

Purchasing NordLayer also makes you eligible for a unique small business VPN server across your organization. Each of its VPN accounts also has its own IP address that doesn’t change regardless of where you are, what network you’re in, and what device you’re using.

To protect your company’s data, NordLayer comes with 2048-bit double encryption. This encryption is powerful enough to minimize or prevent sensitive data breaches.

Apart from this, NordLayer can automatically pause outgoing data when your internet connection suddenly stops. Instead, it will only continue transmitting data once your connection to your VPN re-establishes. This way, you can ensure that your traffic is secure.

Another nice feature of this cloud-based business VPN is that it allows easy and quick onboarding, regardless of your company size. It also makes payments easy even if you add new users to your server.

Finally, NordLayer supports third-party authentication on platforms like Azure, Google Suite, Okta, and OneLogin. It’s also compatible with Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.



Reputable and highly-rated VPN service provider

Complex and challenging user interface and layout

Thousands of server options

Split tunneling features for Windows and Android only

Speedy and stable connections

Strict no-logs policy ideal for privacy-conscious users

Unlimited bandwidth and no download caps

Compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android

Robust 2048-bit encryption

Static IP

3. OpenVPN Access Server

OpenVPN Access Server

Rating 9.0/10

Money-back guarantee: -
Servers: Disclosed
1.5-7.5$ per user/month 10 user min.
Static IP: +
first 2 user for free
Split tunneling: +

Large enterprises have praised the OpenVPN Access Server for its remarkable features and decades-long reliability. In fact, users haven’t encountered any vulnerabilities to their servers when using it.

With the help of its 2048-bit double encryption, OpenVPN is compatible with several encryption ciphers such as AES, Blowfish, and ChaCha20. It goes beyond such security protocols and provides a single sign-on (SSO) functionality.

This feature allows you to access different SAML-supported programs and platforms using identical SAML IdP details. In this way, you can save time by entering your credentials in every application or software.

You can also reduce port forwarding by configuring your security protocol and going through your local network remotely. But for your team to gain remote access, you must set up OpenVPN and at least one user using the OpenVPN client or Connect client.

Like the previous best small business VPN, you can launch OpenVPN on various platforms such as Amazon, Azure, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, and Oracle. You can also access the app across major operating systems, including Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows.



Industry leader in security protocol

Comes with a zero-trust access

High VPN data usage

RSA 2048-bit certificates

Has two-factor authentication (2FA)

Ability to provide a single sign-on (SSO)

Supports Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile OS Android and iOS

4. Twingate


Rating 8.9/10

Trial version: 14 days
Servers: 100+
5-10$ per user/month
Split tunneling: +
Free version: up to 5 users

Twingate is another cloud-based VPN service for business. However, unlike conventional VPNs, it features zero-trust network control and can hide your gateway on the internet.

Employees will only have access to admin-permitted resources and files because of Twingate’s SSO. This feature covers both on-cloud and on-premises apps and remote networks. In addition, this VPN for small business allows split tunneling to manage your network traffic and bandwidth-intensive activities.

Because of its simple web-based admin console, you can also set up, launch, and manage Twingate easily anywhere. You can even scale it up and add as many devices as your company needs through the central admin console.

Overall, this business VPN solution allows you to deploy and expand without modifying your network infrastructure. Twingate is powerful enough to reduce data breaches and infrastructure costs.



Zero-trust access control

Not an actual VPN

Compatible with several major single sign-on (SSO) providers

Billed per user and may be costly for users

Easily deployed and scaled

Could improve customer support services

Easy access to settings and configurations because of its centralized admin console

Protects entire network rather than individual sessions

Built with IT admins and users in mind

Dedicated to data protection and security

5. TorGuard Business VPN

TorGuard Business VPN

Rating 8.2/10

Servers: 3000+
Trial version: -
Server locations: 50+
6.4-8.6$ per user/month 5 user min.
Static IP :+
Split tunneling: +

Subscribing to the TorGuard Business VPN solution presents tons of impressive benefits. For one, it makes you eligible for a 24/7 dedicated account manager and unique VPN management portal.

In terms of security, TorGuard comes with a top-notch 256-bit AES security protocol. It also allows you to switch to a “Stealth VPN” to avoid deep data inspections.

On top of that, there’s also a broad range of servers to choose from, so you won’t need to worry about finding a stable and reliable network connection. However, some users have observed moderate performance coupled with unpredictable increases in latency. Nonetheless, TorGuard is compatible with major and underrated operating systems as a compromise for its low speed.

Small and medium-sized enterprises can score over five simultaneous network connections between $32.99 and $169.99 monthly. Subscribing to any of these business plans will give you at least one IP address, email account, and many more.



Tons of available server options

Moderate speed and performance

Comes with advanced features

Spikes in latency

24/7 dedicated account manager

Expert-level configurability

Dedicated IP address

6. GoodAccess


Rating 8.2/10

Servers: Disclosed
Free plan for up to 100 users
Server locations: 35
0-12$ per user/month
Split tunneling: +
+ 50$ / month for fixed IP
Static IP: +

GoodAccess has developed apps compatible with desktop and mobile operating systems, including Android, Chrome, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. It’s a simple yet powerful VPN solution for remote access, especially with its free access to about 35 gateways.

Administrators receive a list of all possible security options to improve and protect their traffic. They can activate such features and tools on site gateways to provide a secure tunnel for transmitting company data to other locations. You can also have zero-trust access to execute more structured access controls.

Besides these features, GoodAccess has multi-factor authentication, SSO, and split tunneling. You can modify user access to particular apps through its SSO mechanisms. You can also improve security through its multi-factor authentication.

With GoodAccess, administrators can set up and manage user accounts through a centralized control panel on top of an activity logging protocol. They can also further improve the security of their individual devices, workers, or site through split tunneling.



Free plan covers up to 100 users

Limited number of gateways

Has 35 gateways

Comes with zero-trust network access and SSO for high-tier plans

Site-to-site protection options

Includes administrator controls

Supports split tunneling

7. VyprVPN

VyprVPN for Business

Rating 8.0/10

Servers: 700+
Free Trial period: 30 DAYS
Server locations: 70
24.9$ per/month
Split tunneling +
Available only annual
Static IP: +
packages 299$ and 349$

If you’re looking for a fast yet secure VPN solution, you may want to check out VyprVPN’s business packages — the VyprVPN for Business or the VyprVPN for Business Cloud. The VyprVPN for Business provides you with global servers and multiple user management, while the VyprVPN for Business Cloud provides you with a unique IP and remote network.

VyprVPN’s online user interface is easy to understand and navigate. For instance, you can set up and regulate different user accounts from a single location or device. You can also modify user permissions, download without restrictions, and browse online without problems.

Apart from that, VyprVPN uses 256-bit AES encryption and Chameleon technology on top of its standard security protocols. With this extra layer of protection, you can scramble metadata to prevent deep packet inspections and blocking of user access to your server.

Furthermore, VyprVPN’s Business Cloud package comes with a dedicated account manager available 24/7 every year. Both plans are compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and your TV.



Has a 30-day free trial

A bit costly for business users

Excellent performance and speed

Exceptional encryption

Has global servers

8. Windscribe


Rating 8.0/10

Servers: 600+
Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS
Server locations: 68
3$ per/month
Split tunneling: -
+2$ static datacenter IP/month
Static IP: +
+8$ static residential IP/month

Using a high-caliber AES-256 cipher, on top of a SHA512 auth and a 4096-bit RSA key, Windscribe provides plenty of security features that prevent data breaches, malware, and ads on your network. It also has a DNS, IPv6, kill switch, and WebRTC for added protection.

Furthermore, this secure remote access VPN doesn’t store your personal information, unlike other VPN services. It also has an alternative plan named ScribeForce with remarkable features catered to teams and businesses at a more reasonable price. In fact, it comes with all the best functionalities of a Windscribe Pro plan.

Windscribe’s alternative plan, ScribeForce, also offers team accounts that can manage multiple user accounts from a single device or location. You can make a centralized payment and configuration for your team on a unified panel.

On top of that, Windscribe is compatible with major operating systems like Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. You can also connect to as many devices as you want when subscribed to any of its plans.



Has a native firewall that blocks non-VPN traffic

Split tunneling features for Windows and Android only

Reasonable pricing options for businesses

Limited support

Excellent data encryption

Plenty of browser extensions

Blocks ads and malware on all types of devices

Works in China

High-quality server speeds and reliable connections

Remote Access VPN Comparison Chart

To summarize the most important features of these VPN solutions, we created a table below to help you decide which VPN service is the most suitable for your business needs.



1 user /month

Trial period


Server locations

Split tunneling

Static IP

8-16$ 5 user min

+40$ per gateway

Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS




fixed IP +50$




1.5-7.5$ per user, 10 user min; 75$ min month plan

First 2 users for free

Not Disclosed

Not Disclosed


A 14-day free trial



32$ min month plan





Starter plan is Free

Not Disclosed


24.91$ per month;

year plan available only 299$ min

Offers free trial 30 days




Money-back guarantee: 30 DAYS



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